Code Of Conduct

Kahaanighar Code of Conduct:


All children have the right to an identity, no matter of what background they are from.

All children should be empowered with good health and enjoy conducive living conditions

All children have the right to availability of education and access to skills

All children have the right to live with love and care

Each child must be protected from violence & ill-treatment

All children have the right to express their views and extend their opinion about the world around them.

Above all, all Children shall have the right to CHILDHOOD

बचपन एक अधिकार

Kahaanighar’s philosophy for conserving Childhood


We believe, childhood can be conserved in only one way. Thats by extending culture with creativity. We have felt that creativity can be fostered through thematic activities and culture can be infused through rhythmic exposure to the knowledge forms. Kahaanighar defines the same with a five point extension

·         Knowledge is , learning by doing

·         Recognition is inherent dignity

·         Culture is the only religion

·         Self-Identity is always supreme

·         Education is just not Literacy